Criteria for Association

A scientific society is characterized as a non-governmental organization of individuals actively involved in free intra and extra-academic production, discussion, and dissemination of knowledge within its specific field and interested in the progress of sciences in general.

Scientific Societies that are interested in becoming associates to SBPC must satisfy the following criteria:

    1. Have objectives and activities compatible with those of SBPC, as well as Statute and By-laws;
    2. Have a national character and be representative of its field of knowledge;
    3. Be a non-profit, non-partisan, and secular organization;
    4. Have elected, directly or indirectly, its Board and/or Council and renew them periodically, through free and democratic elections, according to the norms in the Statutes;
    5. Have a non-unionist, non-classist, and non-governmental character;
    6. Promote regularly and periodically high level scientific meetings;
    7. Publish regularly conference annals, journals and/or newsletters, recognized by its scientific qualification;
    8. Have been founded and operate in full activity for at least three years.
  • (*) Admission criteria established by the SBPC Council, in extraordinary meeting of February 28th and March 1st, 1997, in São Paulo. According to article 5th of the Statute, SBPC will work towards its objectives in a variety of ways, including the affiliation of specialized societies, as long as they fulfill the requirements determined by the Board of Directors and the Council, for each particular case (inc. i). Text revised in May /97, according to Minutes approved.


Orientations for Association

  • O The president of the candidate Scientific Society must submit a request of association to SBPC in a document including all the information about the society.
  • Attached to the request, they must send two (2) copies of the following documents:
    • Statutes and/or By-laws;
    • Publications and annals of scientific meetings (if more than two publications, send only the copy of the cover, back cover, and other pages with information on the publication);
    • Current composition of the Board;
    • List of members of the society in digital format (cd)
  • Send the request with the documentation to the SBPC Board in the following address:

Rua Maria Antonia 294, 4º andar, Bairro Vila Buarque, CEP 01222-010, São Paulo, SP.
For questions and further information, please contact:
Phone: +55 11 3259-2766