In this section, we present samples of documents, as well as a preliminary overview of the documents in the SBPC collection. Each decade listed below includes a few examples of SBPC activities.


The archive has over 1,600 photographic images dated from 1940 to 2000. Its support is in albumen paper in different formats: 9x13cm, 12x18cm, etc. It also includes approximately 5,000 photos in digital format.



There are videos in different formats: VHS, U-matic, Digital (CD and DVD) and a single BETACAM tape. Content focuses on SBPC productions, and videos related to SBPC or the scientific universe.



The collection includes the following magazines: Ciência e Cultura, Ciência Hoje, Ciência Hoje das Crianças and Ciência Hoje na Escola. To access the articles available online, click on the following links:

Ciência e Cultura: from 2002 to the current edition.
Ciência Hoje: from 1999 to the current edition.
Ciência Hoje das Crianças: from 2000 to the current edition.
Ciência Hoje na Escola: from volume 1 to 14.



Several books published by members of the board, founders and/or contributors of SBPC.


Cadernos SBPC

Cadernos SBPC includes documents relevant to the history of SBPC, reports of study and work groups, and records of discussions in the last annual meetings. Below are two examples with documents from the collections:

Caderno 7: Foundation and First Movements 1948 - 1958
Caderno 14: First Conferences 1948 - 1949

The archive also includes series of documents (not available in the website yet) related to important events, awards, and participations SBPC had, reflecting a bit of the history of the institution, such as:

Posters and promotion materials
Audio Materials

It is not yet possible to obtain information and the records of the documents of the collection and the institution’s archives. With the constant work to preserve the memory of SBPC, the historical archive is being treated to be made available in the future.