SBPC members become part of one of the most representative organization in the defense of scientific and technological advancements in Brazil. Today the SBPC has over 5,000 active members supporting and endorsing its efforts to advocate for Brazil’s scientific and technological advancement. Anyone can become an SBPC member: scientists, students, teachers, professors, and everyone who believes in education and science. To become a member, please access here.


  • Acess to editions of Ciência & Cultura (quarterly).
  • Complimentary daily JC Notícias digest and access to Jornal da Ciência (bi-monthly).
  • Discounts in Annual and Regional SBPC Meetings subscription.
  • Active participation at the General Assembly of SBPC Members, including the right to vote and be voted for positions in the organizational structure of SBPC (following specifications provided during the electoral period).



  • R$65,00
    Undergraduate and Graduate students and Teachers
  • R$80,00
    Members of Societies Associated to SBPC. Check the list of societies associated to SBPC.
  • R$130,00
    Higher Education Professors, Scientific Researchers in a Research Institute, Other Professionals